Black Cat

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It was the last night of December. It was eleven o’clock. The sky was covered with dark clouds. A convoy of cars was moving on the road leading to Shahpur. This road was off the GT road. Apart from the caravan of these cars, there was no sign of any other traffic. The road was visible in the light of the headlights, but only a glimpse of the fields spread to the left and right. The groom’s car was ahead. In this decorated car, the groom Amin and his bride Shabana were sitting quietly in the back seat.

Suddenly the driver braked hard. The loud screeching of brakes echoed in the silent air of the night and the cars coming behind also stopped.

“What happened?” said Amin, badly shocked. The car was on a deserted road at that time. Shahpur was only three kilometers from here but this place was very dangerous. Often, robbers used to stop the vehicles and rob them at this place. Amin’s heart was beating fast. For a thousandth of a second, he thought that the robbers had tried to stop the car and if they were robbed today, the most beautiful night of his life would be a horrible accident.

Sir, maybe someone has come under the car,” the driver said in a panicked tone. With that, he opened the door and went out. The headlights were on and there was no sign of a robber in the distance. Amin also came out. The driver was leaning on the front side of the vehicle. Amin looked forward quickly. A black cat was sitting next to the front tire of the car.

“She has survived. If there was even a little delay in applying the brakes, she would have been crushed.” The driver said looking at Amin. After a while, some people came out from the rear vehicles and were moving toward them.

“What happened, Amin?” Why did you stop?” cried his uncle.

“Nothing Rahmat Chacha, you sit in the car, a cat is coming and going under the car.” He cried when he saw many people behind. “Everyone get in the cars we are leaving”

Within a few moments, all the vehicles started moving again. Barat returned home. Some of the guests were staying there and the rest went to their respective homes. The bride and groom were welcomed. Amin was the only son of his parents and they preferred a girl for him. Amin was such a happy son that he said yes without looking. Around half past twelve he entered his bedroom.

The room smelled of roses. The door and wall and the bed were decorated very well. Rose petals were scattered in the room. His bride Shabana looked like a red bale on the bed. He slowly walked forward and then sat on the bed. Shabana’s wrists were seen with golden bangles and hennaed hands. He kept the veil so low that not even a glimpse of his face was visible.

Waves of happiness were rising in Amin’s heart. He wanted to talk to the bride, but he did not understand where to start.

Happy marriage” he finally said with courage. The bride remained silent and did not answer. Amin thought she was blushing. Well, no problem, I’ll take the veil. As he stretched out his hands, he felt a slight tremor in his hands. However, he slowly removed the mask. With that, a scream echoed in the room.

It was Amin’s scream. As soon as he lifted the veil, he saw a very terrible face. His complexion was completely black. The big eyes were red as blood and the sharp teeth were sticking out and she was staring at him with a devouring gaze. Amin’s eyes became dark for a moment. Just then, there was a loud knock on the door of his room. His scream was heard outside.

He got up with a jerk and opened the door. Uncle Rahmat was outside.

“What happened, son?” Uncle Rehmat asked in concern.

“Uncle, this is not the bride, it is someone else.” Amin pointed to the bride. But as soon as he saw it, he jumped. The bed was empty.

“Where is the bride, son?” Uncle Rehmat said looking at the empty bed. Amin was in such a state that he was about to fall unconscious. Just then the door of the washroom opened and a very beautiful girl came out. She was Shabana, her charming face showed signs of deep worry.

“what happened? Everything is fine, isn’t it?” he asked in a weak voice.

Yes, it’s fine now. Sorry uncle! All of you were worried because of me. Rest assured, everything is fine.” Amin said while controlling himself. Rehmat Chacha went out shaking his head. Shabana was standing by the door of the washroom, twisting her fingers. She looked a little scared. Amin started getting angry with himself. He thought that I scared everyone by shouting at will. Maybe that horrible woman was a figment of my imagination.

“Shabana doesn’t be afraid, come sit here on the bed, I didn’t know you were in the washroom.”

Shabana looked at him with deep eyes. Amin was also watching him carefully. She had an innocent look on her face and looked as lovely as if the moon had come down to earth. He reached forward and took her hand.

He felt a slight tremor in Shabana’s body. He brought her to the bed. After sitting comfortably, he started talking.

Shabana, I don’t want to hide anything from you. Listen, the thing is. He had just said this when a voice echoed in the room. Amin was shocked.

(To be continued…)

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