How to get rid of selfish friends

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Friendship is a beautiful bond that is built on trust, mutual understanding, and love. It is said that a true friend is one who stands by you through thick and thin, and who always has your best interests at heart. However, sometimes we end up making friends who are selfish and only think about themselves. Such friends can drain your energy and affect your mental and emotional well-being. If you are tired of being around selfish friends and want to get rid of them, then this article is for you.

Identify the signs of selfishness:

The first step in getting rid of selfish friends is to identify the signs of selfishness. Some of the signs include always talking about themselves, never asking about your life, canceling plans at the last minute, expecting you to always be available for them, and only reaching out to you when they need something.

Communicate your feelings:

Once you have identified the signs of selfishness, it’s important to communicate your feelings to your friend. Let them know how their behavior is affecting you and your friendship. Be honest and direct but also be prepared to listen to their side of the story.

Set boundaries:

If your friend is unwilling to change their behavior, then it’s time to set boundaries. Let them know what you are willing and not willing to tolerate in the friendship. For example, you may tell them that you won’t always be available at their beck and call and that you need some space.

Slowly distance yourself:

If your friend is still being selfish despite your efforts to communicate and set boundaries, then it may be time to slowly distance yourself. Start by reducing the amount of time you spend with them and don’t initiate plans as often. If they ask why you are distant, be honest with them and let them know that their behavior is not healthy for you.

Cut ties:

If all else fails and your friend is still being selfish and draining your energy, then it may be time to cut ties. This can be a difficult decision, but sometimes it’s necessary for your own well-being. Be firm but also compassionate when ending the friendship.

Seek support from other friends:

Ending a friendship, especially one that has been going on for a long time, can be emotionally difficult. It’s important to have a support system in place to help you through the process. Seek out other friends or family members who you trust and who can offer you emotional support.

Focus on the positive:

While it’s easy to dwell on the negative aspects of friendship, it’s important to focus on the positive. Think about the good times you had with your friend and the things you learned from them. Remember that ending a friendship does not erase the positive experiences you shared.

Be prepared for their reaction:

Ending a friendship can be a shock to the other person, especially if they were not aware of their behavior. Be prepared for their reaction and understand that they may be hurt or angry. However, it’s important to stand by your decision and not let their reaction sway you.

Learn from the experience:

Ending a friendship can be a learning experience. Take some time to reflect on what you learned from the friendship and what you want in future relationships. Use this experience as an opportunity for personal growth and to strengthen your boundaries.


In conclusion, getting rid of selfish friends can be a difficult but necessary step in creating healthy and fulfilling relationships. By considering their perspective, seeking support from others, focusing on the positive, being prepared for their reaction, and learning from the experience, you can move forward and create new, positive relationships. By identifying the signs of selfishness, communicating your feelings, setting boundaries, and slowly distancing yourself, you can create healthy and fulfilling friendships that enrich your life.


Q: Is it possible to change a selfish friend?

A: It is possible for a friend to change their behavior, but they must be willing to do so. If they are not open to change, then it may be time to consider ending the friendship.

Q: How do I know if I am being a selfish friend?

A: Take a step back and examine your behavior. Ask yourself if you are always talking about yourself, never asking about your friend’s life, and expecting them to always be available for you. If you find yourself guilty of these behaviors, then it’s time to change them.

Q: Is it okay to end a friendship?

A: Yes, it is okay to end a friendship if it is no longer healthy for you. Your mental and emotional well-being should always co

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