When Tom Cruise Was Seemingly Height-Shamed By His Ex-Wife After Their Divorce during a talk show

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Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were once a highly publicized Hollywood couple whose relationship was the subject of much fascination by movie enthusiasts worldwide. They fell deeply in love in the 90s and became a powerful duo, but eventually parted ways.

During their courtship, they first met on the set of the movie Days of Thunder in 1990, directed by Tony Scott, where Tom played the character Cole Trickle, a race car driver, and Nicole played Dr. Claire Lewicki, his love interest. At the time, Tom had recently divorced his ex-wife Mimi Rogers and married Nicole in a private ceremony held on Christmas Eve.

Although their relationship ended, their past romance still captivates people’s attention. During an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in August 2001, following her divorce from Tom, Nicole made a subtle remark about his height that could be interpreted as a jab.

With a hint of sarcasm in her voice, she quipped, “Well, I can wear heels now” and had a hearty chuckle. The remark prompted both Letterman and the studio audience to laugh out loud at Tom’s expense, leaving Kidman with a coy expression, who then said, “Let’s move on.”

The show’s host was amused and teased her by saying, “Wow, that’s gonna cost you,” before shifting to the next topic. Nicole’s remark added to the growing list of jibes made at Tom’s expense about his height. However, this time, it was more personal since it happened about a year after their divorce.

The reason for their divorce remains a mystery as neither of the celebrities has officially disclosed it. In recent years, they have avoided talking about each other, focusing instead on their respective careers.

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